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My Wife's Hung Beach Friend

Post #1

When we first laid eyes on Curtis, the thing we both noticed was that he walked very erect ? and when I say that I?m not referring to his posture. He walked up and down the nude beach, meandering, killing time, chatting with people, occasionally wetting his feet in the surf, and the entire time his substantial cock stood rigidly upright at about the one o?clock position, waving back and forth with his stride in a very jaunty and gregarious way.If it?s possible for a cock to express friendliness and conviviality, his seemed to be doing a marvelous job, and everyone greeted him with a smile and words of welcome. He seemed to be a well-known and popular figure here at the beach, enormously stiff penis and all, but even though we?d been there several times, he and his impressive and persistent erection were new to us.Perhaps it was his demeanor ? relaxed, without a hint of embarrassment or shame about his condition ? which put others at ease and took the stigma away from the egregious display of his aroused manhood. Perhaps women just liked his cock.Whatever the case, people were very accepting of both him and his glorious erection, and he seemed quite popular, women frequently speaking to him or posing alongside (some with one hand wrapped around his engorged girth, or with it poised at their lips or pressed to their tummies or boobs) while husbands, girlfriends, or boyfriends snapped photos.Once seen, we couldn?t unsee it, nor could we help but follow his progress as he strolled the beach, and when he eventually walked by about ten feet in front of us, he turned and smiled, nodding acknowledgment.We smiled and nodded in return, and after he?d passed and we were watching his muscular butt move away, Kimberly said, ?Wow!??Wow? Seriously??She laughed. ?Oh, come on! You saw it ? that?s a very nice cock, don?t you think???I guess I?m not quite the cock connoisseur that you are.??Bullshit! Don?t pretend you didn?t notice.??Oh, I noticed ? I also noticed that you spread your knees apart and gave him a look at your pussy.??Matthew! I did not!??Yes, Kim, you did.?"Well? okay, maybe I did, a little. Probably just instinct, but he was giving me a nice look at that magnificent cock; it seemed like it was only fair.??Magnificent?, huh? Jesus! My wife, the cockhound? *?Yeah, and you?re horny. Judging by the look on his face and the way he stared, he thought it was more than fair; excellent, if I?m any judge.??Thank you! What do you think, maybe nine inches? Thick too!??Damn, Kim! Down, girl.? I shook my head. ?But yeah, probably about that, I?d guess ? remember though, size isn?t everything.??True; it was also very, very hard and had that perfect shape, getting extra thick toward the base. Oh, and it also has quite a sexy, handsome stud attached.?I laughed. ?I?m surprised you noticed anything above his waist.??No, Matt, I took in the whole package ? and, you know, the whole package too. Again, wow!??Babe, your inner slut is showing.??She does that sometimes ? and admit it, you love it when she does.??I do. Are you wet?? It was hot, and she had a sexy sheen of sweat between her bare breasts, but the wetness lower down (of which I was quite sure) was due to an entirely different kind of heat. The erect nipples were another clue for a sharp-eyed Porno 64 detective such as myself.?Yes, dripping. Why are you so hard???Because I knew you?d be dripping.? She was right, I was rock hard, and while my cock would likely never be described as ?magnificent?, it was a respectably thick six-plus inches of eager and ready manhood. When Kim was horny and acting slutty it usually responded accordingly and had again. When she reached over and ran her fingers up and down my length it did nothing to soothe the savage beast, and when I gently pinched and tweaked her hard nipples I was not trying to soothe the savage breasts either.She moaned softly. ?Mmm, fuck. So, you?re very horny and I?m about to die here. What are we going to do about that???What would you like to do about that??She leaned forward and looked past me down the beach, where the source of her arousal, perhaps twenty yards away, stood talking to another couple. In profile to us, his ongoing genital magnificence was conspicuous, his horn still flamboyantly tumescent.?Oh-ho, so that?s your solution! I figured you?d love to get your hands on that.??Hands, sure? to begin with.?I laughed again. ?You?re usually not quite this, uh, unabashed about things like this. Feeling especially slutty???Is that a problem??I shrugged. ?Not for me. I enjoy seeing your inner slut from time to time - we?ve played before and it?s always been fun. I?ve just never seen you quite so? eager, I suppose. You?re practically quivering.??Something about him works for me, and it?s not just that gorgeous cock. Maybe it?s his confidence and easygoing attitude, his sexuality.??Kim, I think I can deal with it. We can go for the gusto if it?s important to you.? It wouldn?t be our first rodeo, and although I?m still jealous every time she writhes, cusses, and moans through one of her boisterous orgasms with another man, it?s always beautiful and arousing to see.?Thank you? Maybe it?s sort of like you and Lily.??I?ve always thought of Lily as being for both of us.??Matt, I love her dearly, but she?s more yours, isn?t she???Mmm... I suppose. You think this guy might be your Lily???Maybe. We?ll never know if we don?t try, right?? When I didn?t respond, she continued, ?You?re sure that it would be all right with you???I think, maybe? yeah. It wouldn?t be quite the same. I mean, you and Lily are bi, and I?m not. We don?t know if this guy is either, but since I?m not???Matt, Lily is bi. I?m not, except with her. She has a way of making everything seem? exciting. Sensual. Good, maybe natural, even.?~~~~~It was true. We?d met Lily on this same beach four years earlier when we were both twenty-seven. She was forty-five at the time, but once I?d seen her, I was addicted. She wore her prematurely silver-grey hair in a long ponytail, and while time and gravity had not completely passed her by, they had treated her gently. She was slim and fit, with fine, smallish breasts and a nice figure, and a proud, almost regal bearing that few would be able to pull off while strolling stark naked on the beach.I?d been to the beach hut and was headed back to Kim, carrying two cold beers, and when Lily smiled at me as we approached each other I smiled back and said hello. Looking at me expectantly, Konulu Porno she stopped and reached up to brush back a loose lock of hair, and when I looked into her gray-green eyes I was undone. There was a sparkle of intelligence and humor and keen self-awareness, but also warmth, a burning sensuality, and an invitation for me to know her fully.Her perfectly formed forehead was unlined, but she had tiny lines that radiated from the outer corner of each eye and small parentheses that bracketed her full lips, which were turned up in a friendly smile, and like the soft caress that the years had laid on her body like a fine patina, the effect created character, depth, and interest. I somehow knew this was a woman that loved life and lived it to the fullest, and that I desperately wanted her, yet we?d exchanged only a single hello.She looked at the bottles. ?Those look good.??They are. Cold too, most importantly. Can I get you one???Oh, I can get it. The issue, however, is that I have no way to carry cash in this outfit.?I laughed. ?That is, unquestionably, its only drawback. Here?? I switched both beers to one hand and gave her the wet cash I?d been clutching against the neck of one bottle. I also had no pockets, of course.I went on, ?Once you get it, please join me and my wife. That?s Kim, right over there.? I indicated her with a nod of my head. ?I?m Matt, by the way.?She stuck her hand out, forcing me to again take both bottles in my left hand. ?Lily. I saw you two walking together earlier. Your Kim is quite beautiful. She has such lovely breasts.??Thanks. I?ve always thought so. You?ll join us???Of course.? Her eyes dropped to my groin as she studied me with no hint of timidity or embarrassment, but also no sense of disapproval; I?d grown rigidly, throbbingly hard as we?d talked, which surprised and somewhat embarrassed me; although I?m often horny, I usually have at least a modicum of control, which she?d somehow quietly demolished. It didn?t seem to bother her in the least. ?Is that in my honor???I think it must be, yes. I?ve never reacted that way so, umm, unexpectedly before? I hope you?re not offended.? I knew I must be blushing crimson.?On the contrary! It?s quite flattering and quite impressive. Let me get my beer and I?ll come meet your wife, and we can decide if or how we should pursue a resolution to your problem.?I laughed. ?Kim will love that!?She smiled. ?I hope so.?I?d completed my walk of shame, covering the final twenty yards to our spot with my erection leading the way. It wasn?t terribly unusual to see an erect cock on the beach, and it always drew a lot of eyes, but this time it was my erection; I felt horribly conspicuous, but only because I was.When I got back to Kim, she was laughing. ?You?re red as a beet!??Sunburn, I guess.??Bullshit! As hard as you are, I?m surprised you have enough blood left to blush.??Stop, or I?ll drink your beer.??Don?t be embarrassed, you have a great cock. You?re making the girls wet and the guys jealous.??You?re not helping, okay?? I handed her a bottle.She laughed again. ?What did she say to you to cause that???Nothing; she was a perfect lady. There was just something about her???What???Babe, it?s not something I can explain, it just is. She Porno İndir radiates? something. Sensuality, maybe? You?ll see; she going to join us in a minute.?She did, and I made the introductions, and within fifteen minutes, it was as if we?d known each other all our lives. That had to be Lily?s doing because it wasn?t a skill that Kim or I possessed. I remained hard as stone the whole time we talked, which somehow didn?t surprise me; what did surprise me was that before long, both Kim and Lily were practically vibrating with arousal. Kim had never shown any sexual interest in women before, but Lily had the same effect on her that she?d had on me.They each managed to sit and move in such a way that they displayed their obvious arousal to each other and to me. Both were wet and puffy, lips swollen, and flushed of face, neck, and chest, and both had erect nipples; my arousal remained flamboyantly, glaringly obvious, but by now had added a steady drip of precum to the display.Our arousal was contagious and incendiary, and by the time Lily suggested that we vacate the beach in favor of her cottage a couple of blocks away, we were near-frantic with lust, and some of the people nearest to us were also displaying symptoms, feeding off our obvious arousal.At her cottage, we were all over each other. Kim and I were sexually experienced and enthusiastic, but Lily was an artist, an insatiable, thoughtful, sensual, and marvelously talented lover. She was uninhibited, unabashed, unashamed, and unapologetic, and she took her sex as she gave it, thoroughly and with a deep focus on pleasure for herself and her partner ? or, in this case, partners. She was a revelation, and she carried Kim and me along on a wave of eroticism and sensuality that neither of us had experienced before.She took my first orgasm deep inside her soft heat and then rode my face as she brought my wife off again and again with fingers and tongue. I?d never gone down on a cum-filled pussy before, but there was no thought of doing otherwise; with Lily, it was just a given, a natural thing. Everything with her was sensual and new. It was pleasure in all its forms, and when I saw, heard, felt, and tasted the orgasms she experienced due to my lips and tongue, I felt ashamed that I?d never given that unique pleasure to Kim in the past. It was a valuable addition to my sexual repertoire.And that?s how it is with Lily. Sure, she?s older than us, but she?s beautiful and brilliant, and I?ve never met a more purely sexual and sensual person. She has other lovers, of course, but I think we?re as special to her as she is to us, and we still see each other at least a couple of times a month, sometimes for a full weekend. I never have less than five or six orgasms each day on those occasions, but for both Kim and Lily, each powerfully multi-orgasmic, that?s known as just getting started. Sometimes I just watch, but my god?Kim has learned much and become enthusiastically bisexual, but only with Lily. Among so many other things, I?ve learned that when I?m spent and awaiting recovery, there is so much I can still do with them to both give and enjoy sexual pleasure, and I always have the sense that Lily is showing us something new and erotic about ourselves each time. But yes, while I?d always thought of her as being for both of us, for our mutual pleasure as a loving and committed threesome, I had to admit that she was mostly for my pleasure and her own; Kim was along for me, and our pleasure as husband and wife, but not as fully into Lily as I was.~~~~~
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