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Tonights Fantasy #01

Post #1

I arrive home after a long day at work, tired and exhausted. But as soon as I step through the door, my exhaustion melts away. The sight of you in that sexy dress sends a jolt of energy through me. My heart races as your eyes meet mine, and I can feel the heat radiating from you.
All day at work, I've been fantasizing about what it would be like to feel your lips pressed against mine and your body close to mine. I couldn't wait for the moment when I finally get to hold you in my arms and kiss you deeply.
Your curves are highlighted by the fabric of the dress, and all I want to do is take you in my arms and kiss you passionately. I can't help but admire your beauty as I walk closer to you, and the desire to touch you intensifies with each step.
Your body is a work of art, highlighted by the dress. Your curves are accentuated in all the right places, and your skin glows in the light. The dress clings to you in all the right places and you can feel my gaze as I take you in. My eyes linger on your body as I admire every inch of you, and you can see the animal desire in my eyes.
I take your hands in mine and pull you close to me, feeling the warmth of our bodies together. Our lips meet in a passionate embrace that speaks volumes without words.
Our lips press together in a wet and passionate kiss, our tongues entwining in an erotic embrace. Our hands move around each other's bodies, exploring every inch of each other and sending shivers of pleasure through us both. The heat radiating from our bodies intensifies as we become lost in the moment, lost in the sensation of our skin against each other.
As I feel your body pressed against mine, my cock begins to swell with arousal. The heat radiating from you is like a magnet drawing me closer, and the sensation of your curves against my hardness sends waves of pleasure through me. Your curves fit perfectly against my body, and as we move together in an erotic embrace, I can feel myself growing harder and more aroused.
My hands explore your body hungrily, feeling every inch of you and savoring the sensations that come with it. My breathing becomes ragged as I become lost in the moment, completely taken over by desire for you. My cock throbs with each movement, becoming harder and more sensitive with each passing Sex Hikayeleri second until I'm on the brink of ecstasy.
I can barely contain my desire for you as I imagine myself slowly undressing you. My hands trembling with anticipation as I slide your dress off and kiss your exposed skin. I trace my tongue over the curves of your breasts, feeling their softness on my lips. I can feel your breath quicken as I tease each nipple before finally taking it into my mouth.
Your body is mine to explore.
My desire for you is overwhelming and I can't help but feel an intense longing to make love to you. You are so incredibly sexy, and I want to show you just how much I care about you in the most intimate way possible.
I imagine myself slowly exploring your body with my tongue, starting at your neck and working my way down. I can feel your arousal as I get closer to your wet pussy, and I can't help but lick it hungrily. The taste of you is so sweet and addicting that I can't stop.
My tongue circles around your clit and teases it until you moan in pleasure. My hands are everywhere, caressing every inch of your body as my mouth works its magic. You quiver beneath me as I continue to explore you and make you feel incredible pleasure.
Finally, I focus all my attention on your clit and begin licking faster and faster until you reach a powerful climax, screaming out in ecstasy as you squirt all over my face.
I love it when you lose all control and cum all over me. It makes me want to explore new ways to make you cum even harder.
I start by gently circling your anus with my finger, feeling the tightness of the muscles around it. I move my finger in slow circles, gradually increasing the pressure and speed as I feel your body relax beneath me.
Next, I slowly slide one finger inside your ass, pushing it in just a few inches before pulling it back out again. I repeat this motion several times, allowing you to get used to the sensation of being penetrated anally.
You whisper to me to be gentle, because you have never done this before. But that you want to experience this with me, because you love me, trust me, and want to be my every sexual desire. I tell you that I'll be gentle, and to relax and enjoy the feeling of my fingers inside your Erotik Hikayeler ass.
Once you're comfortable, I add a second finger and begin thrusting them both in and out of you at an increased pace. The sensation is intense and you moan loudly as I continue to push deeper and deeper into your tight asshole.
I can feel your arousal growing as I increase the speed and pressure of my thrusts. My fingers are slick with your juices now and I can feel every inch of your inner walls contracting around me.
My fingers reach all the way in now, massaging you firmly as I continue to thrust in and out of you. Your breathing becomes faster and more ragged as you reach the edge of orgasm, quivering beneath me as you let go and surrender to pleasure.
I turn you onto your belly, pressing my body against yours as I do so. You can feel the heat radiating off me and the weight of my body pushing down on yours.
Once you're in position, I slowly kneel between your legs and spread them apart. My hands grasp your hips firmly as I move closer to you and begin to line up my hard cock with your tight asshole.
I take my time as I inch forward, allowing you to adjust to the sensation of my thick shaft entering your body. Once I'm all the way inside, I push in further and fill you completely.
You gasp in pleasure at the sensation and I can feel every muscle in your body tightening around me. I begin thrusting slowly at first, gradually increasing the speed and intensity of each stroke until we both reach our peak.
Your moans become louder and more desperate as I continue to pound into you.
I continue by pushing my hips against yours, thrusting hard and deep as I feel the intensity of my orgasm building. With each stroke I can feel your body quivering beneath me and you moan in pleasure as I'm getting ready to fill you up with my hot cum. You push your ass higher against my waist, wanting to feel every inch of me inside you.
My hands grip your hips firmly as I continue to pound away at you, pushing us both closer and closer to the edge. Your breathing becomes more ragged and desperate as I increase the speed and power of my thrusts, taking us both to the brink of ecstasy.
Finally, with one final, powerful push, I send us both over Tecavüz Hikayeleri the edge in a wave of pure pleasure. You scream out in bliss as I fill your ass with my hot cum, marking you as mine forever. You can feel the warmth of my cum spilling inside you, coating your inner walls as I continue to thrust until every last drop has been released.
As I pull out of you, I can feel your tight walls still gripping my shaft as my hot cum slowly drips from your ass. The sensation is both erotic and intense.
I pull out of you and collapse onto the bed, my heart racing with pleasure. I wrap my arms around you and whisper into your ear that I love you.
You look deep into my eyes and smile. "I love you too," you say, then kiss me passionately on the lips. You tell me that you want to be my everything, my slave, and that you are ready to prove it.
You get on top of me and take my shaft into my mouth, your tongue lapping up the last remaining drops of cum. You swirl your tongue around the head of my penis, sending shivers down my spine as you explore every inch of it. Your lips move in perfect harmony with your tongue, caressing and teasing me until I can't take any more.
You continue to lick and suck on my shaft, your hands exploring my body as you bring me closer and closer again to the edge. With each stroke you can feel my muscles tightening and my breathing becoming more ragged. Finally, when I can't take it any longer, you bring me over the edge with one final flick of your tongue.
I cry out in pleasure as you swallow all of my cum, savoring every last drop until there is nothing left. You keep your lips tightly around my shaft until the last tremors of pleasure have subsided, then pull away with a satisfied smile on your face.
Swallowing my cum makes you feel like a real woman because it shows that you can pleasure me in ways that no one else can. It's a powerful and intimate act that shows just how deeply you care for me and how much you want to make me happy. Knowing that you can bring me so much pleasure with something as simple as swallowing my cum is an incredible feeling and it makes you feel both empowered and loved.
As you lay your head on my chest, you can feel the steady rhythm of my heartbeat. I wrap my arms around you and pull you close, letting you know that I'm there for you and will always be there to protect you. We lie together in comfortable silence until eventually your eyes start to droop and you fall asleep. I smile and kiss your forehead, then drift off into a peaceful sleep in my embrace.
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