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Camp Happy Landing - 4

Post #1

Part 4
Dinner was a rather raucous affair, with awards to the various kids who had one races and "awards of merit" to all the other kids too. Lots of ice cream, shouting, and so on. By the end of dinner and the festivities, I was beat. I was sitting in one of the overstuffed chairs in the lodge's main room and falling asleep when I felt someone sit on the arm of the chair. I looked up and saw it was Millie.
"Tired, are we, after our trip to the Nile?" she asked with a twinkle.
Jesus, I thought to myself as I shook myself awake. Do these girls tell each other everything as soon as it happens? "Oh, I'm OK, just a bit dozy."
She lowered her voice as she leaned towards me a little "Well, don't forget it's my turn tonight, big fella. And if you fall asleep and don't come, I'll be very disappointed."
"I'll come, I'll come." I promised quietly.
She grinned broadly. "I'll be sure that you do!" And we both laughed. Millie's mother called over to her, reminding her that she had to be up very early as they were driving into Reno in the morning to visit her aunt. So Millie game me quick glance and left.
But, as it was, I got roped into playing bridge again for a while, then, since it was only 10:30, thought I would read a bit before I could safely make my way to the girl's cabin. So I sat and read and old adventure novel that was lying on the table. The next thing I knew, one of the parents was poking me, saying "Hey, buddy, it's 1 AM, you'd better go sleep in your own bed or we'll have throw you in the hoosegow!"
I stumbled up, mortified. What would Millie think? I left the lodge with the last group of parents, who turned off the lights and we all walked towards our cabins. I decided I'd better brush my teeth and think. One couple was headed to a cabin near the girls, so I couldn't exactly go directly there. So I took my time brushing my teeth, and then left the bathroom. I stopped in the shadow of a huge Jeffrey pine and waited. The camp was silent.
It was still quite warm for that altitude in the Sierra and the night was beautiful. I made my way, silent as an Indian up to the fisherman's trail around the camp and circled until I was around behind the girl's cabin. I stepped out of my thongs because I didn't want them flap-flapping as I went down the slope. The cabin of Lisa and Mrs. Schiller and her son was about 20 yards to my left. I quietly made my way past and reached the porch of the girl's cabin. The porch boards creaked once as I crossed them, then I eased the door open.
In the moonlight spilling through the window I could see Donna and Millie asleep in their beds. I could see their quiet faces and bare shoulders sticking out of their loosely covering sleeping bags. The thought of their warm, naked bodies so close made my heart race. I looked towards Millie's bed and could just barely see her form on the bed, but her bed was in shadow. I quietly stepped over there and looked down.
She, too, seemed asleep, but I could make out her oval face and, as my eyes adjusted, I could see that she was just half-covered by the sleeping bag and seemed to be wearing a nightgown. I pulled my shirt over my head and puled off my cutoffs. I gently pulled the sleeping bag back a tiny bit, noticing that Millie seemed to have a sheet on her mattress (very fancy for the camp) and sat down gently beside her.
I reached out and stroked her hair gently and bent down to kiss her cheek. She stirred slowly, with a quiet murmur, then came awake. Her eyes opened and she looked up at me.
"Ah, so you come at last, Prince Charming!" she said in a low whisper. "I knew if I waited my prince would come."
"Well, not yet, but let's see what we can do", I whispered. She pulled me down towards her and we kissed lightly. Then she rolled back and lifted the sleeping bag and I slipped in beside her.
We kissed again and she said in my ear. " I fell asleep waiting for you. I was afraid you'd worn yourself out exploring the Nile."
"No", I whispered back. "But I did have to have a nap so I would be prepared."
"Mmm", was all she said as we kissed again. Our lovemaking was very slow and gentle that night. We kissed, gently, our tongues touching, exploring, our hands slowly caressing and searching for pleasure. She was wearing a nightgown of some silky material and it enhanced the feel of her body. I could feel the supple warmth of her skin against me, but it was a sensual delight to feel my hands sliding over the material and her skin. The nightgown gradually rode up on her as we rubbed and caressed, more and more of our skin in contact. Millie became more animated and I kissed down her neck into the hollow of her neck, gently kissed and nibbling as my hands stroked her belly and her thighs.
Millie was stroking her hands up and down along my body, her hands open so that only her palms were on my skin. Her hands felt warm and smooth and the effect was very sensual. I was now running my hands along the back of her thighs and up onto her ass as she pressed her pelvis against mine, my erection pressing into her pussy.. Then she brought her hands slowly around my waist and began stroking on either sides of my erection without quite touching it.
I brought my hands up under her nightgown and did the same with her breasts, stroking the sides and undersides of her breasts, almost but not quite touching the nipples. Then I lightly brushed my finer across her stiff, erect nipples and she moaned low in her throat and her fingers brushed along the sides of my cock. I brushed my fingers again across her nipples, teasing them, very lightly caressing them and Millie slowly stroked my cock along the shaft, not quite reaching the head.
The sensation was exciting and powerfully erotic. I wanted her to touch the head of my cock so badly, but I knew that I was controlling that with my fingers. I slowly traced my fingers down across her belly toward her inner thighs. She slowly stroked my cock lower and lower until she was brushing my balls with the backs of her fingers. She had her thighs spread wide, inviting my fingers in, wanting me to touch her, but I continued to tease her, running my fingers along her inner thighs, feeling the soft brush of her bush, but not reaching her pussy lips.
I kept starting farther inside her inner thighs, tracing along the edge of her sweet as, then along the contact between her thighs and her pelvis, then running my fingers lightly through her bush. As I did this, she thrust forwards towards me, involuntarily begging for my fingers in her pussy. At the same time, each time her fingers approached the head of my cock, my body would thrust if forward, wanting her fingers stroking the head.
We did this again and again, the pleasure almost too much, then I slowly traced my fingers along the lips of her pussy and she shuddered with pleasure. She then ran her fingers delicately up the shaft of my cock and traced them around the cap at the head. The sensation was so powerful that I almost came right there! Then I began stroking her pussy more firmly and my fingers sank into the silken wet folds, warm and slippery, a sweet pleasure. She was breathing very deeply now her hands wrapped around my cock, stroking it with both hands in large movements.
My fingers found her clit and gently kneaded it, causing her to murmur low in her throat and stroke me faster, running her fingers across the tip of my now slippery cock-head. I kept stroking her pussy, running my fingers the length of it and pausing at the top to stroke her clit and after a minute or so, she squeezed my cock so hard it hurt a little and her thighs clamped around my fingers as she climaxed. I gently continued stroking the clit as she came and she arched spasmodically on the bed.
The she relaxed back onto the bed and reached out her arms for me. As one, she slid under me as I slid on top of her and she opened her legs to wrap them around me. My cock paused at the head of that hallowed place, gently brushing her hot, wet pussy, then she thrust forward with her pelvis and I slipped deep inside her. We both paused then savoring the feeling. I began long slow deep thrusts, pushing firmly against her at the bottom and coming almost out at the end. After a few strokes, she reached down and grasped the bottom of her nightgown and pulled it up. I helped her pull it over her head and she lay down again, with me propped on my arms over her.
The moon had moved and now was spilling on the floor next to her bed and the light cast her body in silvery light and shadow. Her full breasts, the nipples dark and high, her smooth belly stretching down into the shadows, she was so beautiful! We resumed out slow lovemaking, my cock travelling in and out. I slid my knees up so I was kneeling, her thighs around my waist as I slid my cock in and out. I could feel my cock getting harder, the orgasm approaching inexorably. God, it was good.
I thrust down low and brought my hips up with each thrust and Millie was rubbing her breasts against me, the feel of those warm mounds with their soft tips so exquisite! Then I felt my cock stiffening, stiffening, and I was coming, continuing to thrust into her and she came again as I was thrusting and I could feel the great warmth of her orgasm surround my cock.
For along while, we lay there, me propped on my elbows to keep weight off her, but still in full contact with her lush body. Then I rolled over to one side and we lay there, holding each other, content.
"That was beautiful", she whispered in my escort ear.
"Yes, we were," I replied and kissed her softly on the lips. We lay for a time, then I began to feel very sleepy and I think I may have dozed off. When I realized I was dozing I looked over at Millie. She was asleep, with a small smile on her face, very serene.
I kissed her cheek and whispered. "I think I had better go or we will be seeing the sunrise together."
"Mmm, that would be nice." she said sleepily.
"Not if your mother wakes us up!"
She chuckled and turned her face to me and I kissed her softly on the lips and climbed out of the bed. I pulled on my clothes and tiptoed to the door. Suzie and Donna both seemed to be asleep, snuggled into their sleeping bags, but as I turned to go I heard a little Psst from Suzie's bed. I turned to her bed to find her bright eyes looking up at me. She reached up and I bent down and kissed her. She kissed me, then whispered in my ear. "I know it's not fair, but I get jealous when you're not with me." I reached down and stroked her cheek. I don't know what it was, but what she said went straight to my heart. We had never spoken of our feelings for each other in such terms, but she and I had always been close.
"I know", I whispered. "Sleep now and we'll talk tomorrow." She squeezed my hand and we kissed tenderly again. Then I crept out of the cabin and stealthily made my way up the hill, where I retrieved my thongs. I was now awake again after two naps in one evening, the moon was out and the night was warm. I decided that a little wee hours swim sounded good, so I made my way down to the creek.
When I reached the creek, the moon was rising over the tall pines and the creek was sliding by quietly. Downstream I could hear the water crashing noisily over the rapids, but it was a distant sound. It was cooler down near the creek, but still pleasant, not chilly like it normally was at night. At 3 AM I figured I was safe, so I pulled off my shirt and cutoffs, dropped them on a chair and stepped into the water naked. The water was cool compared to the air, but very refreshing. I swam out into the stream and stroked around lazily for a couple of minutes. Then I swam over to the raft and pulled myself up on to it.
As usual, there were a couple of towels stretched across it. They were dry and felt slightly warm in the night air. It was very nice to lie under the stars, watching the moon rise above the trees. There was the faintest of breezes, which felt like super soft fingers on my naked body. I could feel it lightly ruffling my pubic hairs. I raised up a little and looked down at my penis. It was lying quiescent for once, looking none the worse for wear. I lay back down, grinning to myself.
Who could possibly have imagined these past few days. My god, was there still a week of camp left? Six more nights! What else could happen? Could I survive a week with those girls? Yes, I definitely could! The real question would be how could I readjust to a normal life after this?
Thinking these thoughts I lay there musing. I guess I must have drifted off to sleep, because I suddenly woke up. The first thing I noticed was that the moon was higher now, though it was still very dark. Then I looked around to see what had awoken me. I nearly jumped out of my skin, for there was a shape at the edge of the raft! Someone or something was hanging onto the edge of the raft. I next realized that it was a person, and as she turned her face in the moonlight to look at me, I saw that it was Lisa!
"Sorry!" she said softly. "I didn't mean to startle you. I didn't realize you were asleep."
"Oh, um, that's OK. I ... I didn't expect anyone."
"That's no surprise, at four in the morning. Mind if I come on board?"
"Uh, er, uh..." I said eloquently, suddenly remembering that I was naked. "Um, I don't mind, but, uh, I don't have any clothes on."
"That's OK," she said, to my surprise. "Neither do I!"
And she lithely pulled herself up onto the raft beside me. And she WAS naked. The moon sparkled off her short, curly hair. Rivulets of water could be seen in the bright moonlight, running down her body, across those magnificent breasts, the nipples clearly erect, thrusting upwards, beaded with silver droplets. The moon slanted across her flat belly and drops of water were coursing down towards the dark triangle between her slim legs. I saw all this in an instant, as though it were frozen in time.
I was so surprised that I didn't even think to cover myself. I just sat there, leaning on one elbow my own body clearly exposed in the moonlight. She sat, leaning lightly on one hand, slightly tilted towards me.
"I saw you out here, so I thought I would pay a visit."
"Uh, yeah?" I couldn't think what to say. Even after the past few days, I wasn't ready for wee morning visits on the raft from beautiful, sexy naked women, dripping with water. Talk about river nymphs!
"Yes, you know, during the past few days, I have seen some very
interesting things around this camp. VERY interesting things."
"Uh, really?" was all I could say. I began to have an idea what she was going to say.
"Oh, yes, really! As you know, I like to fish, so I often go out at sunrise and sunset to try and catch some of our fine fishy friends. And I saw a group of teenagers hanging on the beach the other night, smoking something. Smelled like good stuff, but what struck me was how friendly they all seemed, three girls and a guy. Almost like the girls were taking turns holding and kissing the guy.
Oh, no big deal, thinks I, teenagers will be teenagers. Then a few nights ago, I wold have sworn I heard a lot of noise from the girls cabin late after midnight. Sounded like at least one of the girls was having a good time! And just the other night I would have sworn I heard it again, and later, saw someone leaving their cabin. Then... the other day out on the lake, well, I lost my top, you know."
"Yeah, I remember ", I said, just to be saying something, but I smiled in spite of myself and glanced down at her breasts, almost luminescent in the moonlight, the nipples still erect.
"Yes", she said, looking me in the eye and smiling. She somehow seemed to be closer now, though I would have sworn she hadn't moved. "And then on the boat, I'm afraid I couldn't resist teasing you and the other men, by keeping my, I mean your T-shirt."
And at this point she leaned closer and placed her hand on my thigh, just above my knee, "Nice and wet so my tits were visible and attractive. And I noticed that this seemed to upset the girls, especially Donna. And they seemed to be playing some game, trying to give you a hard-on." Her hand was still on my thigh and she gently squeezed it. So far, her naked presence hadn't caused any stirrings below, but now I felt the first rumblings from my crotch.
"Karen and I thought it very funny, but we tried not to notice too much, even when Suzie stuck her hand in your suit."
"Oh, God", I murmured.
"Oh yes, we saw it, but kept our peace. But having seen it I have to confess, I was intrigued and, yes, attracted. You are a really nice young man, very attractive and obviously well endowed. So I confess that I teased you some more on the way home, letting my blouse blow open like that. And I noticed that Donna couldn't keep her hands off you, very proprietary it seemed to me. Then last night here came the sounds of pleasure from the cabin again. And I saw you down near the showers this morning, looking like a young man who has been up all night making love."
"And finally, " Somehow she was now even closer to me, and her hand was now farther up on my thigh, the fingers spread, one finger just an inch or so from my balls. She was very gently moving her fingers in little circles. This was too much and my robust friend was rapidly rising. "Tonight I confess, I couldn't sleep so I went out and sat on a stump and watched the stars and I heard more sounds of love from the cabin, but it sounded like Millie this time. So it seemed like you were unselfishly spreading your love amongst the various girls women of the camp and .. "
"So... " she looked me in the eyes. She was even closer now and one of her breasts was now pressed against my arm and my cock was now fully at attention. " I saw you come down here and strip and come out to the raft. And I thought to myself 'Lisa, nothing ventured, nothing gained'. So, um..." and now it was apparently her turn to be embarrassed. "I wondered if you might be interested in spreading your net as far as me?"
Her face was now only inches from mine and as she looked in my eyes I saw the moon sparkling, I could feel the raft very gently rocking in the current. Then she leaned forward and kissed me gently on the lips. Her lips were cool and soft. Our lips parted for a moment, as we regarded one another. I felt like I was falling in a river and being swept away.
The last few days had been so beyond my ken I felt like I had no control over what was going on. A small, remote part of me wanted to stop and go back, but the rest of me was caught up in this incredible sexual roller coaster. And the roller coaster still had me - I leaned forward and kissed her softly. We kissed softly for a minute, a soft, exploratory kiss, then our lips parted and our tongues were touching, tips only, in a gentle dance.
I felt her fingers slide up my thigh, lightly across my balls and wrap themselves around my cock. We both sighed with pleasure at the contact. I brought my hand izmit escort bayan up and stroked her cheek as we continued to kiss. I let my hand stroke down along the side of her neck, barely touching the skin. She shivered slightly as my fingers traced along he top of her breast and then gently down across the curve of her breast until they reached the nipple.
Our tongues increased the tempo of their dance as my fingers gently curled around her stiff nipple, gently stroking and caressing it. Her fingers were also ever so gently stroking my cock, tracing the shape of the cap, teasing the very tip, running back and forth across the tip of my cock head. Her fingers felt cool yet fiery. Then she slid closer to me and into my arms, her body warm and firm against me.
I relaxed back onto the raft as she lay half across me, our kiss continuing, pausing beginning again as her hand slowly stroked my balls and cock. I kissed the her throat and down into the hollow of her shoulder ? soft warm kisses as my hand cupped her breast and then stroked down across the curve of her belly, tracing around her navel and then lower, into that lush, lovely country between her legs. I used my lips to kiss down onto her breast as she rolled her head back and as my lips found her nipple she moaned deep in the throat.
I kissed one breast and then the other as she stroked my hair. My other hand slid between her legs and found her warm, moist pussy. My fingers gently traced the line of her pussy-lips and she thrust her pelvis forward, begging my fingers to enter. They did and she let out another low moan as my fingers began sliding in and out of her pussy in a slow rhythm.
Lisa then bent forward and took my cock in both hands and caressed it. I stopped my caresses to watch and enjoy her touch. She stroked my cock, her hands and my cock both silver in the bright moonlight. As she stroked the head, some pre-cum coated the head, dark and slick looking in the moonlight. Lisa bent forward and licked the head of my cock. Oh, God, it felt so good!
The air was cooler now and the contrast between the cool air and her warm tongue made my cock tremble and sent waves of pleasure through me. Then she slowly sucked my whole cock in her mouth and began to slowly suck it in and out, running her tongue along the underside of the head in a way that made me moan with pleasure. Then she slowly pulled my cock from her mouth and lay back on the raft and held her arms out.
I needed no urging but moved over on top of her, my cock at her pussy. I bent and kissed her breasts gently as my cock brushed gently against her pussy. I could feel the warm slickness against my cock-head, then we both moved gently and my cock slid part-way into her. The warm, tightness was so good! We both moaned then as we began to rock slowly against each other and my cock gradually slid all the way in. When it was all the way in, we paused and looked at each other. There was a broad smile on her face and mine as well.
"Oh, God, you feel so good inside me!" she whispered.
I didn't reply, but bent and kissed her and we gently kissed as we began to rock, my cock sliding in and out of her pussy in long, slow strokes. I was above her, leaning on my arms, looking down at her. The moonlight made sparkles in her wet hair, sparkles in her eyes. Her skin looked like silver, but felt warm and soft. We slowly increased the tempo, my cock driving deeper and harder with every stroke. As we did this, the raft rocked sending ripples across the otherwise very still water. We both approached a climax and then by mutual accord, we slowed, the slow pleasure exquisite.
I brought my knees up so I was kneeling between her legs. She brought her legs up and wrapped them around me. I was caressing her sweet ass I drove my cock deeper and deeper. I felt the pressure building in my cock as I felt her breathing deeper and faster, her hands wrapped around my neck. Then I felt her arch against me as she came her pussy convulsing around my cock. I kept slowly stroking as slowed from her orgasm and then I began stroking faster and faster as I felt my own orgasm approach. As I began to come I felt my cock become even stiffer and larger and I felt it trigger her second orgasm.
The intense pressure as I came, with her pussy clamping around me was unbelievable. I think we were both groaning and moaning, but I can't clearly recall. Eventually, we were done, lying there side by side on the raft, Lisa on her back, me on my side facing her. We were both still breathing hard, her breasts rising and falling in the moonlight, the nipples still partially erect, the smooth sweep of her firm belly down to the curve of her loins, a few drops of moisture glittering on her dark pussy.
I gently ran my hand over her stomach and ever so gently cupped one breast. Then I bent and kissed her. We both smiled and she ran her fingers through my hair.
"That was wonderful. Thank you." she said.
"Thank us", I replied "That was fantastic! You are one wonderful lady."
We kissed again and then as I looked up I saw that the eastern sky wasn't black anymore. "Wow, it's late and we'd better get going before some fisherman comes along!"
"God yes", she laughed softly. "That might be a bit embarrassing!" She sat up and kissed me again gently, then slid off the side of the raft into the water. I did the same and we swam into shore. We gently dried each other with some towels left on a beach chair, dressed and then walked up towards the camp. Just before the top of the slope, she stopped and turned to me again.
"I hope we can make love again soon. It was wonderful! You are a great lover."
"I hope so too because it's actually you that is a great lover, you make me great."
"Wow, a silver tongue to go with that silver body! No wonder all the girls want to be in your bed!" And we kissed again, a one last deep passionate kiss and then she turned and went up the path. I waited a minute before I followed. I went to my cabin and lay down in my bed just as the first birds began to call.
When I awoke the sun was well up and I could hear someone playing Ping-Pong. From the look of the sun, it must be near 10 o'clock. I dragged myself out of bed, reflecting that this odd lifestyle was wreaking havoc on my sleep ? catnaps or no. I went in search of breakfast, but was too late. Agnes the cook took pity on me though and let me make a peanut butter sandwich. I walked out through the lodge, which was deserted. I decided on a swim before lunch and wandered down to the creek.
There weren't many people down there so I just grabbed a tube and floated, dozing a bit until some kids came and started a war across me. I played with them a bit and then went up for lunch. Up to this point I hadn't seen anybody. I knew Millie was off with her mother, but where were Donna and Suzie?
I finally saw them at lunch and they told me that they had gone into town with Lisa. Lisa, I inquired, what did you shop for? "Oh, nothing, they replied ? just girls stuff. It all seemed innocent, but Donna was giving me this odd look. Had she guessed? Or had Lisa told them??
I sat with the girls at lunch and the after lunch we played a little Ping-Pong. Suzie left with her mother and a couple of the younger girls for a trail ride. While we played we chatted. At one point, while Millie, who had returned from Reno, was playing Donna's brother Donna was saying to me. "You know, I think it must be something in the water. I am so horny the last few days. I just can't get enough! "
"Well," I said chuckling, "When you find a good man..." and I lowered my voice into a deep bass as I said 'good man'. Donna cracked up laughing and shoved me.
"But seriously, I now have this craving all the time."
"All the time? Seriously?"
"Well, almost all the time. Like right now for example. How's you like to go visit our cabin?"
"Now? In front of everybody? I think not."
"Well, try to figure some way. Millie and I are going up there in a minute to change for a swim and (she leant over towards me and lowered her voice) I'd love to fuck you first!"
Well, I had no objections, especially as I watched Millie playing Ping-Pong. She was wearing only a bikini top and some jean cutoffs and the effect was arousing to say the least as she leapt about. But how was I going to get to their cabin undetected? Hmmm. I thought about it while Millie finished. She lost, but she gave it a good try. By the end, she was panting with the effort of leaping around trying to beat Donna's brother, who was very good. However, the sight of Millie's heaving breasts as she came over to us solidified my desire (as well as other parts of my anatomy) and I decided that audacity was the best approach.
"Well", I said to Donna, "I don't think your cabin will work, but how about if I meet you at the head of the Nile?"
"Sounds good to me, whatever it is", said Millie. And she and Donna laughed and headed up towards their cabin.
Immediately after that I got sucked into helping set up another Ping-Pong table for the tournament, so it was about an hour before I reached the creek and paddled up in my tube. I passed the upper rapids and then battled my way through the "wilderness" of the Nile for about 5 minutes before I located the pool again. When I finally got through the brush and stepped out and amazing sight met my eyes.
Millie and Donna were already there, sitting on two large beach towels. They were both completely naked. They izmit sınırsız escort were sitting facing each other. They were kissing each other, there tongues flicking in and out of their mouths, their hands one each others breasts, caressing squeezing. I was amazed but also very turned on! I stepped closer. They must have heard me but they didn't stop.
Now they had dropped their hands to each other thighs, which they were caressing, their hands working closer each other's pussy with each passing moment. They were gently rubbing their breasts together, the erect nipples just touching as they kissed gently. My cock was hard as a rock as I watched this. I reached down and undid my cutoffs and dropped them to the sand, letting my cock
spring free into the sun. I reached down and gently stroked my cock as I watched the girls getting it on.
Millie leaned forward and slid her hand into Donna's pussy and at the same time used her other hand to guided Donna's right breast to her lips. As she kissed and sucked, Donna moaned loudly and slowly lay back on the towel. Millie remained kissing her breasts, licking and sucking it while her fingers stroked back and forth along Donna's pussy.
Millie glanced up at me briefly at one point, saw me standing there, stroking my hard-on and gave me a quick, salacious grin. Then she bent back to Donna. I dropped to my knees on the towel and bent down and began kissing and stroking Donna's other breast. Millie slowly kissed her way down and began lapping at Donna's dark brown pussy. The sight was mesmerizing and I rose up on my knees to watch as Millie used her fingers and tongue to drive Donna wild!
Donna saw me kneeling there beside her, my cock sticking straight out a foot from the face and reached out her hands. She wrapped her fingers around my cock and pulled it towards her face. I shifted around and she pulled my cock to her mouth and began sucking on it furiously, essentially fucking her mouth with my cock. Meanwhile Millie was still working her magic on Donna's cunt. She was apparently rapidly bringing Donna to a climax as Donna suddenly dropped back on the towel, letting my cock slide out of her mouth and writhed there, saying "Oh fuck Millie, oh fuck, that's so good, oh fuck!"
My cock was now unemployed, so I quickly moved around behind Millie and rubbed my cock- head up and down against her wet, pouting pussy as she kneeled between Donna's legs. I rubbed her sweet ass, pausing for a moment to admire the fantastic sight of Donna writhing on the towel, Millie eating her cunt, my cock at Millie's ass, then I gently thrust my cock into Millie's pussy. Millie pushed back with her ass, rolling her hips as I began slowly ramming my cock in and out of her pussy. God it felt so wild and good!
We all began going crazy, fucking, sucking, licking and moaning. I was ramming my cock into Millie as she thrust back with her ass. I could hear Millie licking and sucking on Donna's cunt and my cock squishing in and out of Millie's sopping pussy. Then Donna was moaning and crying as she came and Millie kept licking and I felt myself starting to cum and Millie was moaning too as we all were exploding.
Donna slowly subsided, eventually lying still on the towel, Millie remained kneeling between her legs while I was still deep in her pussy. Both her pussy and my cock were still pulsing from our orgasm. Every time they pulsed another little wave of pleasure swept over us. Eventually, even those died out and I slowly pulled my cock out and flopped down beside Donna on the towel. Millie rolled over, her head cradled between Donna's legs. We lay there a long time. Eventually, I was so hot I got up and stepped into the pool. The girls got up and joined me and we sat quietly in the pool.
Donna finally spoke. "My God, I don't know how I am going to be able to go back to a real life after this week. I'm just going to want to lie in the sun and fuck all the time!"
"Hard to imagine going to school when you can be having great sex all the time", agreed Millie.
"Well, I figure I'll just have to adopt you ladies and keep you as a harem at home. Make my sisters share a room and move you right in!"
The girls laughed and yelled at me and splashed me. After that they both got out of the water and went to lie on the towels. I eventually got out too and went up and lay down as well. I think I dozed for a bit. When I looked around the girls were dozing too and I was feeling quite hot. So I went back to the pool and plunged in the deep part then went and lay down in the shallows. The water was perhaps 6 inches deep. It felt delightful to lie there in the cool water, looking up at the sky. There was a bit of breeze today, even in the willows and the light zephyr was great. After a few minutes I heard stretching on the beach and Donna appeared beside me.
"Whoo! Getting hot up there!" she exclaimed and walked down into the deep section and let herself slide into the water. Even now, the sight of a naked woman cavorting with me in the woods was intensely exciting and I felt the old gonads stirring as Donna cooled her hot body. After a couple of minutes, Donna came and lay beside me. I looked over at her, admiring the trim sweep of her legs, the sweep of her belly, those firm, high breasts with small dark nipples. Her pussy was half awash, droplets of water glittering on her bush.
"See something you like, mister?" she asked, seeing my gaze.
"All of it." I replied.
"Mmm, that's nice to hear.." and she leaned over and kissed me. We held the kiss for a moment, then pulled back a little. Her face was only a few inches from mine. I could feel her breast pressing against mine. Her brown eyes seemed so big and clear. Then she levered herself up on her elbow and leaned over and kissed me harder, our tongues meeting and dancing from mouth to mouth. Our hands began exploring and caressing. I felt my cock slowly swing to attention as her hands caressed my body. Our kisses became slower, more languorous, but our hands were still tracing, touching, exploring.
Donna slowly worked herself up until she was astride me, her knees on either side of me, gently stroking her pussy along my cock. I reached up and caressed her breasts, gently thumbing the nipples and Donna rolled her head back, eyes closed, absorbing the sensations. Then she put her hands on my chest and rubbed her pussy hard against my cock, then rotated her pelvis down and I felt my cock slide into her. I groaned as her hot, tight pussy engulfed my engorged hard-on. In the background, I heard footsteps and Millie appeared.
"What? We're having fun without me?"
"Ummm, " I said as Donna slid her pussy up and down my cock, "Feel.. free.. to .. join ..in", I managed to get out.
"Don't mind if I do!" said Millie and she knelt down and kissed me. I stroked her face then stroked down to her breast and cupped that perfect breast, so round, so firm. Her nipple came erect under my touch and she kissed me harder as I caressed her other breast. Meanwhile, Donna was sending my other end into ecstasy with her literally liquid movements as she slowly fucked me, both of us awash in the pool. Our movements were causing ripples to roll across the pond. I kept caressing Millie's right breast as my left hand reached down between Millie's leg to gently probe her smooth, warm pussy. I saw Donna's hand reach out to caress Millie's other breast as my finger began to stroke along Millie's cunt.
Millie moaned and moved closer to use and I removed my hand from her breast and replaced it with my lips. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Donna's fingers pulling and tweaking at Millie's other nipple and I tried to synchronize my lips to her fingers. Millie cried out with pleasure. Then she struggled to her knees. Moved closer to me and swung her leg across me so that I was able to get my tongue onto her pussy. She was facing Donna and I heard their murmurs of pleasure, but all I could see was Millie's sweet pussy and ass. I caressed her ass and lapped at her pussy as she and Donna took up a synchronized rhythm. One was humping he pussy on my face and the other on my cock and the effect was spectacular. I got into the rhythm and we were all rocking and fucking and sucking. I could hear the water splashing around us, the cries of pleasure. It was truly incredible.
My cock was sliding in and out of Donna faster and faster and I heard the girls moaning louder and louder, then Millie began to come and I could feel the pussy juices trickle down my face as she writhed and humped on top of me. Then I felt my cock getting harder and harder and then explode as my cum shot out in stream so hard it almost hurt and I think Donna was cumming too, but it was so wild I have no idea what really happened. Then both girls sagged off me to the side and fell heavily onto the sand, half-lying in the pool and we all lay there panting and gasping. We lay there for a while, then I slowly dragged myself out into the pool and sank beneath the cool water. The girls eventually joined me and we kissed gently underwater and then went to lay on the towels.
"God, that was almost too much," said Millie. "I'm exhausted. You'll have to carry me back to camp"
"Me, too", said Donna. "Fortunately, we have a string slave!"
"Like hell!" I exclaimed. "You women are supposed to carry be triumphantly back to camp on your naked backs!"
"Sure thing, stud." Said Millie, lazily. "In a few minutes."
Well, actually it was about an hour before we got it together to get dressed and stumble our way back to camp. Fortunately, we could float part way on our inner tubes. Tonight, I thought, I am going to sleep in my own bed! This is wearing me out.
15 Eylül 2022, at 18:40

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