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Male Tales: The Interactive Game Plant City

Studio: HIS Video
His Video brings you the first all male interactive DVD game. Superior quality video, digital stereo sound and much more...Play it as a game or watch it as video. Either way, youll heat up to some of your favorite men in a collection of their hottest HIS scenes!
Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:16:08
Video: 720x480, Windows Media Video V8, 2148kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

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Rawhide (1981) Reva

Video language: English
A hot afternoon, five horny cowboys, and a dusty old barn are the ingredients in this fast-paced western fantasy. Shot direct-on-video with none of that annoying background disco noise dubbed in, you'll see and hear all the wild sex among these dudes just as if you were right there with them", Torso.
Format: avi
Duration: 55:25
Video: 720x538, xvid, 1940kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 843.7 MB


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Striptease Hubbard Lake

Studio: All Worlds Video
Drag directress faboola Chi Chi LaRue enlists some of the "biggest" names in the biz (and thats a fucking understatement when youre speaking of Cole - that thing between his legs is enough for three guys to dance on) along with a bevy of non-industry go-go boys in this pole-loving rumpathon. The world-famous - well in the Washington, D.C. area anyway - Wet Bar dancers make quite an impression here. Yummy dy (and superclose confidant to Miss Chi Chi) Doug Jeffries is wicked-hot as always, and the bump-n-grind sessions are sure to get you to start pulling dollar bills out of your wallet, even in front of your TV screen. Definitely not one of Chi Chis masterpieces, but its a great idea for a flick, and the sex is hot, sweaty and nasty. Go on and shake those bon bons, boys. Shot on location at the Wet Bar in Washington, D.C.
Format: avi
Duration: 1:22:03
Video: 704x528, XviD, 1171kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 787.3 MB


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Full Package Clarkson

Release Year: 1995
Studio: Jocks Studios
Cast: Anthony DeMarco Brian Maxx Buck Yeager Chris Champion Cory Miles David Thompson Drew Nolan Rip Stone Tony Piagi Tony Vesta
Genres: Anal, Oral, Rimming, Classic, Hunks
Big Chris Champion, blond Corey Miles and Tony Vesta plus the Brad Stone "Supercock" ... moans and groans and peration!1. Young blond and sexy Corey Miles has always fantasized about getting fucked by Humongous Brad Stone. But he has the best of all worlds when he picks up dark and dangerous trick Anthony DeMarco…and they fuck and suck with freic . Corey slides his mouth up and down on the big stud and spreads his legs wide, begging for the fucking of his lifetime. After his ass has been opened with some finger fucking he takes the enormous cock up his bubble butt and that’s still not enough. The Brad Stone Supercockes out of his fuck bag and soon he is being fucked wildly by this huge dildo; moans and groans emanate from his conquered desires. These two men stare into each other’s eyes and the atmosphere bes electric. With a lightning bolt of energy the men blow their loads.2. After 4 years, two hot lovers know how to keep their sex fierce and their desires burning…three-ways and big dildos. Rip Stone, Buck Yeager, and Tony Piagi, with muscles rippling, get down to heavy dick-sucking, ass-eating and non-stop fucking. It is pure when one beautiful man is plugged from both end by huge hard cocks, thrusting in and out. These three men fuck like a well-oiled machine, building momentum higher and higher until there is nowhere else to go but to cum with explosive .3. Watching Jocks Studios video “The Big Score” gives Drew Nolan and David Thomp the fantasy of a lifetime. Both of these huge hung and horny insatiable men get so excited by watching this video that they rip each other’s clothes off and go at each other’s massive endowments. As the men 69 each other, their muscular bodies mesh into a mass of well-hewn and rock hard bodies. They eat each other’s asses with ravenous fervor and then they take the plunge…fucking each other…no-holds-barred…rugged and intense, they take each other to the summit and erupt with cascades of cum.4. Jocks Studio’s warehouse is a voyeur’s delight. Not just all the hot pictures of incredibly beautiful men, but Shipping and Receiving Manager Tony Vesta himself…when this magnificently strong and sexy man starts to flip through the pages of an “Etienne” magazine, he begins to feel his giant thick uncut cock grow rock hard. He tears off his pants and begins to stroke his dick with ever-heightening pleasure. Working his nipples, he continues to work his dick until he can’t take it any more and finally streams of cum burst from his giant cock.5. Another Jocks employee has the best of it at home…his lover, thickly hung Chris Champion. Chris’s giant cock is enough to make anyone gasp. Long and thick, it is perfection! Chris fucks lover Brian Maxx with the energy of a launched missile and both men growl with the elation of hot, sweaty mansex until they be like two animals in savage heat and their balls begin rumbling, churning with the of cum that soon spurts from their heated powerful cocks.
Format: mp4
Duration: 1:27:03
Video: 720x544, AVC (H.264), 2022kbps
Audio: 124kbps

File size: 1.3 GB


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Sextortion New Franken

Studio: Catalina
1. Jason Branch is busy disposing of his slutty past, tossing a box of toys and a photo of an encounter with trick David Broson. Jason flashes back to the taste of Davids throbbing dick down his eager throat and snapping the photo in the heat of the moment. Into the garbage the photo goes.
2. Jasons scheming neighbor Nick Young finds the photo in the trash. Nick informs Jason that he has the photo and makes a proposal: Dick for Pic. Jason doesnt bite.
3. Jason has a plan. He calls up buddy, Dave Casino, and arranges for Nick to get a surprise visit from the utility company. Claiming to need to check the pressure in Nicks pipes, Dave sets out to seduce Nick with a bulging, uncut pipe of his own. As the two take turns swallowing each others eight-inch plus rods, Jason sneaks up to the window and snaps a few photos of his own.
4. Jasons new love, Rafe Ford, is traveling out of town and stops at a local bar. Bartender Paul Dawson is hot for Rafe and waves his big, thick meat in front of Rafes hungry, cocksucker mouth. Soon Rafes ass is up on the counter and Paul is teasing it with a bottle. Paul has a cock on him thats not much different in size from the bottle he holds. After Paul blasts his creamy load all over Rafes chest, Paul greedily laps off his own cum.
5. Word of the little feud has spread across town, where Blake Harper and Andrew Lennox dish dirt about the players. Before long, the two are making gossip of their own. Handsome and hairy Blake is more than willing to let Andrew suck on his cock. Blake has his mouth and hole set on Andrews thick ten-incher and impales his ass until he rides to a cum-gushing finish.
6. Jason goes over to confront neighbor Nick with the set of pictures he took. At a stalemate they split the difference and the dicks come out. Nick is eager to get his mouth around the rock-hard schlong that started the whole game. Jason fucks the youthful Nick like the tramp he is and is willing to offer up his end in the bargain, letting Nick stretch his hole.
Format: mp4
Duration: 1:22:31
Video: 704x480, AVC (H.264), 2452kbps
Audio: 156kbps

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The Overnight Delivery Service Harrington

Release Year: 1999
Cast: Buck Meadows, Carlos Cruz, Clint Walker, Cody Reeves, Jake Summers, Joe Kennedy, Mike Radcliffe, Rick Hammersmith, Tony Acosta, Wade Hunter
Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Big Cocks
Video language: English
Scene one has Clint Walker sending one of their "servicemen" to his lover, Rick Hammersmith, with the sole condition that Walker can listen to the resulting action over the open phone line. There's a lot to hear, as delivery man Wade Hunter delivers his package solidly up Hammersmith's ass. Grunts aplenty abound. We toggle back to Walker as he strokes himself into a frenzy and listens over the phone. Walker has a nice cock, but we'd like to have seen a little of his booty as well. This never happens. When Walker does blast his load, however, we are strategically placed beneath his cock and watching as his cum flies in all directions. Mmm He's still listening to the "Oh yeah. Oh man, fuck that ass. Yeah!" as the last of his load is spent.
Next, Mike Radcliffe is interviewing a potential newbie to his overnight delivery company. This leads to Radcliffe sucking candidate Joe Kennedy right then and there. As Kennedy's enormous schlong is getting dutifully sucked, another overnight man, Jake Summers, happens along and joins in for a sizzling little three way. They jack off in unison.
Carlos Cruz is a regular customer of the company and phones in a complaint that last night's delivery was not what he had ordered. Something about too small of a cock. Not to worry, the good folks at ODS promise to send over someone to make up for the trouble. That would be Buck Meadows. Meadows can satisfy even the fussiest of size queens. Cruz seems quite satisfied as Meadows stuffs that large cock of his where we can no longer see it.
The finale places Tony Acosta with Cody Reeves. This scene is sort of a letdown if for no other reason that Acosta's ass is practically hidden from us, when instead it should be prominently showcased on the receiving end of a rim job. His is a full-sized sturdy muscle butt that would make a nice show in and of itself.
Not Catalina's finest moment by any stretch but watchable just the same, particularly for those of you that crave solid men in and out of uniform.
Format: mp4
Duration: 1:10:12
Video: 640x480, AVC (H.264), 1940kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 1.0 GB

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Rocks and Hard Places Vol. 1 Spofford

Studio: Kristen Bjorn
When Jean Franko and Rocko Magnus run out of gasoline on a mountain road in the wilderness, the adventure begins! Jean Carlos gets picked up by motorcycle stud Victor Souza. The two barely settle in for a blow job, when they are discovered by wanderers Gregoire Chevalier and Viktor Vesely. Alexandro Gonzalez, and Tommy Alvarez meet up with Alex Ferrari, Lucas Lucky for a fast, furious fourway in a country house. Oldrich Smile puts Roland Brinski, and Thomas Hrebec through some rigorous training to become lumberjacks. Rocky Oliveira makes the mistake of entering a country tavern, where locals David Vega, Sergio del Castillo, Matthias Vannelli, Rodrigo Ferrais, Eloy Martinez him into a no-holes barred orgy.
Format: mp4
Duration: 2:08:53
Video: 720x540, AVC (H.264), 1949kbps
Audio: 91kbps

File size: 1.9 GB

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Dirt Bikers Neenah

Release Year: 1978
Studio: Falcon Studios
Cast: Kyle Hazzard, Ed Wiley, Art Williams, Steve York, Luke, Mandingo
Genres: Shot on film, Collection, Anal, Oral, Threesomes, Outdoor Sex, Solos, Muscle Men, Vintage
Five unrelated Falcon loops.
1. Fuck Truck (Falcon)
Luke (Philip Wagner) OgrAb, Ed Wiley OrAt, Tom Manley
Ed Whiley and another guy in a white shirt pick up Luke in their truck. Suddenly they are parked, the truck gatees down and the two proceed to fuck Luke. WhiteShirt takes Luke's rear and Luke does his best to swallow Ed's big prick. They switch ends, cum on Luke and then start all over again. WhiteShirt takes some fucking from Ed while Luke sucks at him and then fucks his face. Luke tries a double fuck by sitting on Ed's & WhiteShirt's dicks while the two sit on the truck bed. The threee on Luke with WhiteShirt squirting his load onto Luke's face who then swallows the big dripping hose.
2. Toilet Training
Bill Adams (70s) OrAtRr, Johnny Dawes OgAbRg
A young guy (Johnny Dawes) cruises a mustached (Ed Whiley) in the bathroom so Mustache offers his dick to suck. Mustache rips the guy's shirt off, turns around and shoves they guy's face in his ass. Then Mustache yanks the guy's pants off, rips his briefs open and fucks him. The young guy cums on Mustache's briefcase so Mustache throws him out of the bathroom and throws his clothes out after him. Another guy with a shoulder tattooes in the john and Mustache grabs him too, makes him suck Mustache and then bends him over and fucks Tattoo also. Mustache cums on his ass and fucks him some more until Tattooes.
3. Use Me
Steve York solo
Besides a pool, a young guy clad only in an A shirt plays with his big boner while looking at a photo magazine with Steve York pictures. Steve appears on the other side of the pool, jumps in, swims across, pull off his wet shorts and offers his cock for worship. Steve rims the guy for a little bit before putting him on his back and putting that enviable prong in the aching ass of the reader. Then Steve lies on his back while the other stud impales himself face to face then turns around on it to face the camera then turns back. The reader jerks himself off on Steve's stomach, gets up, pulls Steve's cock off to squirt in his hand and then licks up his juicy reward. The scene ends with the two wrapped in each others arms.
4. Dirt Bikes (short)
Kyle Hazard, Dave Connors, Ty Granger
Storming down off the hill, a pair of sweaty, sex-revved bikers pull into a buddy's place for a cool brew. The good-looking blond host has been out back working up a sweat of his own, and his surprise visit is a weed break. But, before you can say "Make mine bud," he gets the real picture. Instead of cooling off, these biker studs are all heated up for a little susk-'n'-fuck action on the spot - a helluva lot of heavy action, in fact! Clothes quickly shed, the eager blond immediately starts receiving rough intrusions on both ends, his hungry mouth and pulsing butthole loving every powerful piston-pumping stroke of those thick, long biker dicks!
5. Hot Coals
Mandingo OgAb, Dennis Love OrAt, Kent Tucker OrAt
A pair of big-dicked redneck cocksmen are cruising in their pickup, on the make for some hot ass, when the y spot a good-looking young black dude hitching a ride. into the truck against his will, he's taken to a secluded spot and made to submit to the heavy demands of these fuck-hungry men, as they trade off the strong hand of authority. Plugged every which way but loose, brutalized up one side and down the oethr by theirbined 20 inches of hard studmeat, he's left sweaty and cum-soaked in a cloud of dust kicked up by their vanishing pickup.
Format: avi
Duration: 47:52
Video: 640x480, XviD, 1168kbps
Audio: 250kbps

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Wrong Side Of The Fence Blowing Rock

Studio: Renegade
Hitchhiking and tea room sex are the themes of this standard x-flic. Andrew Long and Matt Fredricks do it in a car. Brad Hunter and Peter Wilder both suck and flip flop, while Ja Lee listens and beats off. Alex Summers rubbed down, fingered, and sucked and fucked by Michael Crawford. Matt fantasizes about playing with stripper Leaf Erick and being fucked and sucked by him.
Format: mp4
Duration: 1:31:45
Video: 720x540, AVC (H.264), 1950kbps
Audio: 91kbps

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Dino Phillips, Leo Masters Hurleyville

Release Year: 1998
Genres: Gay, Retro, Bareback
Video language: English
Classic gay models Dino Phillips and Leo Masters sex on table action.
Format: mp4
Duration: 16:39
Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264), 3904kbps
Audio: 124kbps

File size: 491.7 MB


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Bijou - Hard Disk Drive Mc Carr

Silicon Valley meets West Hollywood! A horny computer scientist boots up four hot scenes on his PC - from a young soda jerk serving up a banana split (hold the nuts!), a hookup hotel (Room 69, please), a secluded beach (blonds and boards galore) to a very hung judge sentencing a young punk ("slam that gavel"). Your floppy disk will get rock-hard after viewing this sizzling Al Parker feature.
Format: avi
Duration: 1:21:39
Video: 640x480, XviD, 1951kbps
Audio: 93kbps

File size: 1.2 GB


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